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What am I purchasing from OFATV, a membership or a trail access permit?

The OFATV is a membership based organization, when you purchase a membership you have the right to information specific to OFATV members, you have the right to attend OFATV’s AGM, you have the right to cast a vote should your club determine you are one of the club representatives; you have a voice in ATVing in Ontario. (Your membership is the political side)

However… With your membership you also receive a trail access permit that must be permanently affixed to an ATV, anyone riding that ATV has access to OFATV trails provided the permit is valid.

If a person owns more than 1 ATV, will they be required to purchase a second membership to have trail access for both ATVs?

Yes, the trail access permit is only available with the purchase of a membership, and because the decal must be permanently affixed to an ATV to be valid, it cannot be transferred from one ATV to another. The decal is designed to go void as soon as it is removed.

If I have purchased multiple memberships does that entitle me to multiple votes?

No. 1 person is only entitled to 1 vote, regardless of the number of memberships that person has purchased.

My ATV is in the shop for repairs and I have borrowed a machine from a non OFATV member friend, will I be required to purchase a day pass to ride OFATV trails with that ATV?

Yes, your membership is not your trail access, and your trail access decal is not your membership, a machine without a valid trail access permit will require a day pass to be allowed on OFATV trails.

I would like to take a friend or family member out on a ride on OFATV trails, that friend or family member is not a member of the OFATV; do they require a day pass?

No, provided the ATV that the friend or family member is riding has a valid OFATV trail access permit, a day pass is not required for the friend or family member.

If I sell my ATV part way through my membership term, is my trail access permit transferable?

Yes, you may transfer your trail access permit to another ATV you own. You simply pull the decal off of the ATV that you are selling, stick it to a piece of paper, and contact the OFATV office via telephone at 705-797-0797 with your permit in hand and updated ATV information, or send a picture of the old permit via email to info@quadon.ca and information on your new ATV. An administration fee of $12.00 is charged for the new permit sticker.

If my trail access permit peels off or is destroyed due to power washing, can I obtain a replacement?

Yes, try to retrieve as much of the old permit as possible, stick it to a piece of paper, either contact your local club for replacement, or send it back to the OFATV office with a note providing reason for replacement. For an administration fee of $12.00 you will receive a new trail access permit that has the same expiry as the void one that you returned.

Do I need to own an ATV to be a member of the OFATV?

Yes, in order to be a member in good standing of the OFATV you must own an ATV. Should you sell your ATV prior to your membership expiring, you will remain as a member until your current membership expires. Some member clubs offer associate club memberships for non-riders. This would allow you to participate at the club level; however you are not entitled to vote on any OFATV business.

If I sell my ATV partially through my membership period, would I be entitled to a partial refund should I wish to relinquish my membership?

No, OFATV memberships have a no refund under any circumstance policy.


How old do I have to be to drive an ATV on OFATV trails?

The minimum age for trail access is 12. The member is permitted on all OFATV trails; however, Ontario law indicates that in order to access any road in Ontario (even a direct 90 degree cross) the driver must be 16 years of age and must possess a minimum of a G2 or M2 driver’s license or equivalent (Ontario Regulation 316-03)


What types of vehicles may drive on OFATV trails?

The OFATV will accept both type 1(Built for 1) and type 2 (Built for 2) ATVs as well as UTV (side by side) type vehicles. However, UTV’s are not permitted on the trails of every OFATV club. Before purchasing a pass for your UTV please check with your local club to ensure that UTV’s are accepted on their trails. Please note that some OFATV trails require travel on roads and current laws in Ontario require at least a M2 or G2 drivers license to drive on roads. Please check with your local club before venturing out.


Club FAQ

Why are there no Club FAQs?

We haven’t compiled a list of club related FAQs yet so none are listed. As the FAQs are created they will be added to this list.