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We are a group of clubs which is run by some volunteers. We offer safe, legal, and sustainable trails within the province. We are working very hard to make sure the riders of the ATV get their rights fully. We are working with the provincial government and municipalities.

We put all of our efforts to make sure that the citizens understand that the members are a group of outside aficionados who esteem other outdoor sports and are ecologically cognizant.

Connection with an OFATV club gives you the chance to form the imminent of our sport and the province-wide trail system we’re building. Join a club, get involved, & go riding!

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Buy A Permit


The Benefits of becoming an OFATV Permit Holder

As an OFATV Permit holder you are helping shape the future of ATVing in Ontario and through your membership dollars are contributing to the creation and maintenance of trails across the province. You’re also contributing to increased access for ATVs and helping to protect your right to continue enjoying ATVing in Ontario in the future. You can learn more about this on the Why OFATV page.

As an OFATV Permit holder you have access to thousands of kilometers of trails across Ontario. Through reciprocal agreements, you can also ride other provinces trails, including New Brunswick ATV Federation. Details about where you can ride with your OFATV Trail Permit can be found on the Trail Pass Information page.

If access to trails and a real contribution to the sport aren’t enough, OFATV permits also grants you access to a growing list of discounts. OFATV is happy to offer permit holder discounts through retail partners across the province as well as other great perks of the permit.

Annual Permit

One calendar year: $150 ($132.74 + tax)

Family Permit

The OFATV and its member clubs offer a discount for Families wishing to purchase more than 2 permits. 

The cost for permit 1 & 2 is $150.00 each (includes HST)

The cost for subsequent permits are $100.00 each (Includes HST)

Three Day Permit

The cost for the 3 day permit is $55 including tax

One Day Permit

The cost of the 1 day permit is $25 including tax