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Our Mission

About the OFATV

The Ontario Federation of All-Terrain Vehicle Clubs (OFATV) is a not-for profit volunteer driven association that along with support staff provides resources to our member clubs so that together, we are able to strengthen the public’s perception and the position; that our clubs strive to provide responsible, safe, legal, and environmentally friendly trails, for riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs & ROVs) in the province of Ontario.

Our Vision

About the OFATV

To have one trail access model available, from one sustainable organization that represents the interests of recreational ATVers in Ontario.


OFATV Partnership

ATV Safety

Show that ATV Safety is your company’s priority.

Building an image for your company is a huge commitment, what better way than to show your clients that you truly care and support ATV safety initiatives. The OFATV strives to provide the most comprehensive safety training through many avenues including the OFATV Youth Rider Program, and the CASI ATV Safety Training Course.

Help us be a part of the solution to ATV injuries.

Sustainable Trails

Sustainable Trails Secure The Future Of The Sport

Through the various programs that OFATV has developed such as the yearly “Trail Verification” stakeholders are ensured that the use of land will be managed responsibly, with careful consideration to environmental sensitivity.

Administration is Key

Administration is key

The OFATV administration endeavors to seek funding though various programs and initiatives to further trail building. Without trails the sport of ATVing will not flourish. Your support is needed to sustain our administration team, to keep the federation strong, and keep the clubs and members in touch with the resources they need. Check out the hard work our clubs have been doing with our interactive trail maps provided by the OFATV to help riders find the trails, and plan their trips.

Become a Partner

Become An OFATV Partner

The Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicle Clubs (OFATV) represents the ATV riders of Ontario, through our many clubs. As the provincial body we assist and work closely with them; while helping with promotion, fundraising, mapping, and membership strategies. We represent ATVing at various government levels, ensuring that ATVers voices are heard.In order for the OFATV to thrive your financial support is needed. This support goes a long way to strengthen the organization, and keep us moving towards the future, where ATVing will grow and flourish. The essence of the sport can easily be described as a need for organized ATV trails. ATV owners want to know where they can ride, and be assured that they will be safe, legal, and on course. As most ATV related businesses understand, an abundance of organized trails are the key to their own growth.With that in mind we hope that you understand the value not only in supporting our ATV trail building organization, but the benefits of exposure to your target audience. We offer various sponsorship levels to suit any budget, allowing your company to not only acquire some very effective, targeted advertising, but in supporting the future of ATVing, create a greater client base for potential end users of your own product or service.

Our Partner Organizations

Ontario Tourism – ATVing

The OFATV regularly updates the ATV portion of the Northern Ontario Tourism Web Portal with fresh articles featuring ATV destinations, products and services all over Ontario. This site is the gateway to ATVing in Ontario, showcasing a variety of diverse trails and riding experiences.

Go Riding

The OFATV works closely with the staff and crew at Go Riding, as they regularly cover events and rides throughout Ontario. Go Riding has been a strong partner in developing ATV safety training videos and printed material.

All Terrain Vehicle Magazine

The website for All Terrain Vehicle Magazine, a Canadian publication. Here you will find featured articles on all things ATV: comparisons, model spotlights, ATV accessory info, and industry announcements.

ATV World

ATV’s, Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor Fun, Powersports The foremost leader in ATV news.


As a member of the AQCC the OFATV holds seats at the national board, representing Ontario’s ATV interests. With the launch of the new CASI ATV Rider Course OFATV safety instructors offer an up to date, leading edge program to individuals and corporations.

Digital Video Productions

Digital Video Productions (DVP), as the parent company of the GO Riding and Snow Goer Canada magazines and the GO RIDING TV and Snowmobiler TV television programs, DVP was first established as a corporate media production and marketing company. Established in 1992, DVP has worked closely with manufacturers and organized snowmobiling and ATVing to develop and deliver many of the safety training, environment and social marketing messages to assist the grass roots development of these recreations. This front line experience has provided them great insight into what makes these recreations so popular, successful and vulnerable. It has also given direct contact with the enthusiasts and opportunity to get to know who they are and what is important to them. It is this background, experience and valuable knowledge that DVP has used to develop their snowmobiling and ATVing magazines and television series. SNOWMOBILER TV celebrates 13 years of broadcasting across North America. SNOW GOER CANADA Magazine has 27 years, the longest of any Canadian publication, of connecting with snowmobilers. In keeping with the development of organized ATVing in Canada, GO RIDING ATVing has been working closely with ATV associations on behind the scenes programs for a couple of years in preparation to launch both the National magazine and TV series in 2009. DVP continues to also provide corporate video and marketing services to the powersports industry and others who require top quality instructionals, sales and marketing, safety training and other types of video, print and web based presentations.